Trent Harmon wants to go even further with “There’s A Girl”

Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CRS

Trent Harmon’s latest single, “There’s A Girl,” is officially his first top 20 song…but he doesn’t want to stop here.

“Looking back, I didn’t even really know what top 20 meant.” he says.

“Top 20 was actually a goal for me whenever we started radio tour on June the 15th, 2016,” he adds. “That day, I remember joking about, ‘Well, you know what, if we can get a song in the top 20 I’ll be happy.’  And now, you get that and it’s like, ‘I’m not exactly happy.  I’m grateful, but now I want a little more!”

The American Idol champ is currently working on his debut album, which he hopes to release sometime later this year.

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