Trisha Yearwood Releases “Broken” from “The Passion” Soundtrack as a Single

Randee St. Nicholas

Trisha Yearwood is releasing as a single one of the tracks she recorded for Fox’s live Palm Sunday re-telling of the story of Jesus.

“I recorded five songs for the soundtrack for The Passion, but the song that keeps coming up in conversation is a song called ‘Broken.’ It’s a song that was written and performed by a band called Lifehouse. Their version of this song is so powerful. And it’s so vulnerable and so real and so in the moment, which is the perfect song to sing in the moment of The Passion that the song occurs– which is at the foot of the cross, as Mary mourns over losing her son.”

Trisha plays the mother of Jesus in the production, and even though “Broken” is not a traditional country song, it does have its roots in Music City. Lifehouse lead singer Jason Wade wrote the tune in Nashville after visiting with a friend who needed a kidney transplant. The two-time CMA Female Vocalist of the Year — who’s become known for her stellar song-selection skills — says her latest offering would fit right in on one of her recordings.

“I don’t think of it as, ‘Oh, it’s a pop song that we’re taking country’ or ‘It’s a pop song that we’re keeping pop.’ If the story is there and the lyric is there and you feel emotion, those are the reasons that you record songs. I might not have thought of recording this song on a Trisha Yearwood country album, but it would work. It is a great, emotional song about loss and about how you feel when you’re really just truly broken.”

The Passion soundtrack comes out March 18, just days before you can hear Trisha sing the songs live on Fox on Sunday, March 20 at 8 p.m. ET.

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