Tyler Farr Completely Unplugs While at Home on His Tennessee Farm

Image Courtesy Sony Music Nashville

Tyler Farr’s career is in overdrive these days thanks to his latest #1 hit, “A Guy Walks into a Bar,” and his opening spot on Jason Aldean‘s Burn It Down tour. Keeping that momentum going takes a lot out of Tyler.

He tells ABC Radio, “If I’m working, I’m just going 90 to nothing, and I’m like that with anything.”

When he needs to recharge his batteries, Tyler just heads to his farm south of Nashville for some peace and quiet.

“Living in the country in a small town similar to where I grew up, and by the river, makes it easier for me when I come home to just unplug,” Tyler explains. “I turn my phone off and sit on the back porch and sometimes I’ll just sit out there and just sit and just clear my mind because that’s when I write the best songs.”

Tyler’s Tennessee spread is close enough to Music City that he can come into town for interviews or business meetings. You won’t find Tyler hanging around Nashville’s booming downtown area in the evening, though. The dramatic increase of new residents and tourists coming to Nashville in the past few years doesn’t appeal to Tyler at all.

He says, “They’d have to lock me up in a lunatic house if I lived down here, ’cause I would go nuts. There’s a condo [building] going up every week. Yeah, it’s changed a lot.”

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