“Unapologetically”: Kelsea Ballerini’s chronological account of her life for the last 2 years

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If you wonder what life’s been like for Kelsea Ballerini since her debut album, The First Time, propelled her to stardom, all you have to do is listen to her sophomore effort to find out.

“The last two years of my life have been literally like jam-packed, like a lifetime into two years,” the “Legends” hitmaker reflects. “When I put out my last record, I was going through a gnarly break-up, and it was this really weird time of highs and lows. And then that relationship ended, and then I kinda went through this just growing up period of my life, and self-discovery and fighting off some insecurities and getting some more and just learning a lot about who I am and who I want to be.”

Things took a turn for the better when Kelsea hit it off with Australian country singer Morgan Evans while working on an awards show Down Under.

“I met Morgan and now I’m engaged and getting married,” she explains. “And so, this record is in three pieces: loss, life and love. And it’s all split up, and if you listen to it in order, I made you a chronological album of my last two years.”

Kelsea’s relationship with Morgan — who just released his first U.S. single on Warner Nashville — inspired her second album’s title track, “Unapologetically.” The two plan to tie the knot in December.

Unapologetically is new in stores and online today.

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