Wait a Minute, Brandy Clark — Maureen McCormick Has Something to Say About Your Marcia Brady Lyric

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It’s one of the perils of the social media age — if you casually reference a pop culture icon, that person may instantly reach out to you. That’s exactly what happened to Brandy Clark, who boasts “Sorry, I ain’t sorry, but I ain’t your Marcia Brady” in her new single “Girl Next Door.” Luckily, the actress who brought the seventies icon to life wasn’t too upset.

“I mean, one of the coolest things that ever happened was Maureen McCormick, who played Marcia Brady, tweeted at me, ‘Hey Brandy Clark, I ain’t no Marcia Brady either,'” the Grammy New Artist of the Year nominee says. “I mean, that was pretty cool, and [she] came to a show in L.A. and we met. I mean, every night — I have shirts that say ‘Ain’t Your Marcia Brady,’ and I feel like I sign an awful lot of those shirts from women of all ages saying, ‘Hey, this is my song!'”

What might be even more surprising is that men seem to relate to the song, too.

“You know, men love it too. I get a lot of men that will tweet videos of themselves singing it to me. I mean women love it because — I think every woman feels like, I think, feels like both those things at some point,” she says of her song’s contrast between the “perfect mess” and the girl in a “perfect dress.” “Somebody tweeted about it being an estrogen anthem. I re-tweeted it, ’cause I was like, ‘Man, who wouldn’t love an estrogen anthem?'”  

Brandy’s sophomore album Big Day in a Small Town comes out June 10.

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