Watch Darius Rucker become unrecognizable for “Celebrity Undercover Boss”

ABC/Image Group LA

You can witness Darius Rucker’s transformation for Celebrity Undercover Boss, in a new clip the “If I Told You” hitmaker shared on social media.

In Friday night’s episode, Darius becomes the first entertainer to be the focus of the hit CBS reality show. To pull it off, Darius must pretend to be Jackie Middleton, a retired schoolteacher who’s competing in a talent competition because he dreams of a career in music. In truth, it’s actually Darius who’s scouting for new talent, of course.

To craft his disguise, makeup artists must completely cover Darius’s head with green goo to make a silicone mold of his face. Fast-forward to showtime and you can watch as he dons a prosthetic forehead, nose and a wig to become virtually unrecognizable.

You can watch Darius’s edition of Celebrity Undercover Boss Friday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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