Watch: Maren Morris says she and pop star Niall Horan are gonna “blow it out” on CMA night

ABC/Mark Levine

At the CMA Awards on Wednesday night, Maren Morris will be duetting with pop star Niall [nile] Horan of One Direction fame on the song.  The two will sing “Seeing Blind,” a track from Niall’s #1 debut solo album, Flicker.  Maren says she can’t wait.

“I’m excited! It’s gonna be a really fun night,” Maren tells ABC Radio. “Niall is equally excited — he’s never been to the CMA Awards.  We just want to put on the best show, and it’s such a fun upbeat song, so I think we’re gonna blow it out that night.” 

The duet will serve as a preview of Niall’s 2018 tour, which will feature Maren as the opening act.  Meanwhile, Maren has a chance to grab several CMA Awards Wednesday night, but she says the Female Vocalist trophy is the one she wants the most.

“God gave me the gift of being able to sing, and to be recognized as one of the top five female vocalists in the genre…I think that that would mean a lot to me, to take that one home,” Maren tells ABC Radio.

“But you know, i’m up against some stiff competition in that one!” she adds. “You got Miranda, Kelsea, Reba, Carrie…it’s all, like, incredible voices that are so different from each other!” 

Will Maren emerge triumphant? Tune into the CMA Awards live on ABC Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET to find out.

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