Watch now: Lauren Alaina will celebrate her birthday at the CMA Awards

ABC/Lou Rocco

Lauren Alaina turns 23 Wednesday, and she’s already received the best birthday gift: a CMA Awards nomination.

“I am nominated for the first time ever for Best New Artist and the awards are on my birthday,” she tells ABC Radio. “My 23rd birthday is Wednesday so I have my first-ever CMA nomination on my birthday. My whole family is coming in town tonight to celebrate and have a party. It’s been the best year I’ve ever lived!”

The singer has had quite the year with the release of her sophomore album, Road Less Traveled, which also garnered her a number-one song with the album’s title track. She says the hardships she’s faced over the past several years — including her parents’ divorce, her dad’s alcoholism, and overcoming an eating disorder — helped inspire the project.

“All of those things that sound like heartache were heartache but they gave me this album and they gave me this year and they got me this nomination,” she explains. “I really do feel like a new artist because I found my message, I found my voice, I found who I am as a singer-songwriter. I’m not deserving of the other awards yet.”

That’s why Lauren says “the New Artist category is the right category for me. If I win I will pass out and if I don’t win, I’ll still be proud and excited and eat cake and eat pizza and all the things you eat on your birthday.”

Tune into the CMA Awards on ABC Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET to see if Lauren gets that big birthday present.

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