What happens on the road stays on the road: Kip Moore to Plead the Fifth

The GreenRoom

Kip Moore is naming his fall tour after the first track on his forthcoming third album, SLOWHEART, which comes out September 8.

The Plead the Fifth Tour cranks up October 19 in Bowling Green, Ohio, with newcomers Drake White and Jordan Davis along for the ride.

“Our live show has been such a focus for me and the band for many years,” Kip says. “We are constantly woodshedding and trying to come up with new ways to engage the loyal fan base we’ve developed such a bond with.”

This fall, Kip’s looking forward to introducing his followers to a kindred spirit.

“I’ve always felt Drake is cut from the same cloth and his focus has always seemed to be on the things that matter,” Kip says of the Alabama native who hit the top 15 with “Livin’ the Dream.” “We’ve been talking about touring for years and we’re finally going to get that chance. It’ll be a blast to see what we come up with, and also see Jordan Davis build his fan base out here with us.”

Tickets go on sale Friday, August 18. Here’s a look at the stops on the Plead the Fifth trek, with complete ticket information at KipMoore.net:

10/19 — Bowling Green, OH
10/20 — Elkhart, IN
10/21 — Niagara Falls, OH
10/26 — Pittsburgh, PA
10/27– Grand Rapids, MI
11/2 — Madison, WI
11/3 — Indianapolis, IN
11/4 — Detroit, MI
11/15 — Clive, IA
11/16 — Wichita, KS
11/17 — Austin, TX
11/18 — Fort Worth, TX
11/30 — Norfolk, VA
12/1 — Northfield, OH
12/2 — Columbus, OH

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