Whatever It Takes: Kenny Chesney’s attention to detail on “Live in No Shoes Nation”

Blue Chair Bay/Columbia Nashville

When Live in No Shoes Nation comes out on Friday, you can rest assured that Kenny Chesney himself played a major role in making sure everything about the 30-song record is up to his standards.

“I can’t tell you the time spent getting the mixes just right, finding the best tracks,” says the man who went through a decades’ worth of recordings to finalize the record.

“When I think about why I’m doing Live in No Shoes Nation, and who’s going to be listening,” he adds, “to me, everything on these recordings need to feel exactly as it was when we were all out in the night air loving everything about these songs, being together and being alive.”

“There are a lot of memories made and in the making, and you can feel it all over this,” he says of his second live album. His first was 2006’s Live: Live Those Songs Again.  

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