What’s for Dinner, Dolly? Chicken and Dumplings, Pork Roast, and Fried Corn

Dolly Records/RCA Nashville

This weekend, Dolly Parton wrapped up a series of four dates that took her from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Tuesday to Deadwood, South Dakota, on Saturday, as she resumed her summer Pure & Simple Tour. You might be surprised to learn that means the entertainment icon has recently been spending some serious time in the kitchen.

“I cook. Like when we’re going on tour, I cook for about a week,” she reveals. “Because I’m a good country cook. And I miss the certain things that I like to eat, whether it’s chicken and dumplings or pork roast or fried corn. It depends on what the season… I always cook and then I freeze a lot of stuff, put it in containers. So when I’m out on the road, if I don’t get exactly what I want, I can just go get me a container of something I did cook.”

While Dolly has been candid about the fact that she prefers to stay on her bus as opposed to checking into fancy hotels, she admits she makes sure she brings along all her favorite creature comforts.

“Sometimes I just miss home, so…I always have to have my pillows…You know, everybody sleeps a certain way. I’ve got a couple of pillows that I have to have, a certain little blanket I have to have. So I always have my little things like that.”  

Dolly’s home-cooked food, pillows and her blanket roll through Utah, Colorado, and Missouri this week.  Her new album, Pure & Simple, which shares its title with her tour, will be out August 19.

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