Which Two Cast Members May Depart Nashville?

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Two stars of Nashville are unlikely to return for the series’ fifth season, and it’s not the two you might have expected to bolt the show following its move from ABC to CMT and Hulu. Contract talks with series stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere are going well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which means a missing airplane cliffhanger involving Panettiere’s character is likely to have a happy ending when the show returns.

But Will Chase, who plays Luke Wheeler, and Aubrie Peeples, aka Layla Grant, are “unlikely to return,” sources tell the publication, adding that theirs are expected to be the only departures from the large cast.

Chase joined the show in the second season and was promoted to series regular in the third. Peeples also came aboard as a recurring character in season two and was upped to regular in season four.

Nashville is expected to return to CMT and Hulu with new episodes in the fall, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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