While self-quarantining on his tour bus, Brett Young is missing his wife and baby daughter

ABC/Mark LevineBrett Young has spent the better part of two weeks self-isolating on his tour bus. The singer doesn’t have any symptoms of the COVID-19 coronavirus, but after returning from an overseas trip, he wants to make sure he’s keeping his wife and five-month-old daughter Presley safe.

“As much as it sucks not to be with my family and see my daughter, it seemed like a small sacrifice compared to what the alternative could mean,” he explains to ET.

The most difficult part of the experience has been being separated from his loved ones, Brett adds, especially since Presley is at an age where every day brings new growth and developments.

“She’s gained almost two pounds in the last month and I’ve been gone for three weeks of it,” he reflects. “The hardest thing is just how much she’s changing and growing right now.”

On social media, he posted a snapshot of a smiling baby Presley.

“As difficult as it is to be away from my girls right now, it’s easy to remind myself how blessed we are that our family is safe and healthy,” he wrote.

Still, the singer says he’s grateful that he and his family are healthy, and he’s trying to keep busy and stay positive while sequestered on the bus.

“I’ve been wearing more of the work hat lately, trying to make sure everything is running smoothly and the things that need to be taken care of still are, even though we’re not on the road,” Brett says.

“I think that has probably helped me deal emotionally with the personal stuff…I’ve been handling dad stuff in a boss headspace. I haven’t gotten super emo about it.”

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