Why Chris Young and Cassadee Pope Have a Much Better Relationship than the Couple in Their #1 Song

RCA Nashville

This week marks a milestone for Cassadee Pope, as the season-three winner of The Voice celebrates her first #1 on the country charts. It all started when she was booked on a gig with Chris Young in her hometown.

“I was just playing a radio show in West Palm Beach, Florida, and it was fun, I was on the road doing my thing,” she recalls. “And little did I know, Chris Young was looking for a female to do a duet with. So, I just do what I always do and belt it out and have fun, and I guess he liked what he heard. So, the next thing I know I’m getting an email from my manager saying, ‘Chris Young wants you to sing on a song with him,’ and I heard the song, freaked out. There was no hesitation — I said yes right away!”

In spite of Cassadee’s iniitial enthusiasm, there was still no guarantee that “Think of You” would work, until the two were face to face around a microphone.

“I think his low voice, that kind of monotone voice with my little bit of a higher tone really meshes well together. You never know until you get in the studio and we got in there and it was just right away a great mix, so we were excited.”

In the end, Cassadee’s duet with Chris turned out to be the beginning of a great friendship and a great partnership, as the two have been on tour together since the beginning of the year.

“We’re fans of each other! I watch his set every night, he watches my set every night on tour, and it’s just a really good combo. We not only like to sing together, but we like to hang out.”  

 Chris and Cassadee will have plenty more chances to hang out, as they’ve just announced another round of the I’m Comin’ Over tour starting in the fall.

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