Why Diamonds Are Garth Brooks’ Best Friend

Mark Tucker

Move over JohnPaulGeorge and Ringo— Garth Brooks is pulling up beside you in the passing lane!

The Recording Industry Association of America bestows diamond certification on an album when it’s sold more than ten million copies. Previously, Garth and the Beatles were tied, with half a dozen diamond records apiece. But now that Garth’s Ultimate Hits has moved ten million units, he officially moves ahead of the Fab Four, notching his seventh diamond album.

Trisha Yearwood led the celebration this weekend, breaking the news at her husband’s Fresno tour stop. Champagne showers followed backstage. You can check out all the antics on Garth’s Facebook page.

When it comes to total sales, it’s worth pointing out that the Beatles still hold the title there. They’re at 178 million units, while Garth lags behind at 138 million.

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