Why Dylan Scott’s wife Blair deserves the “Deluxe” treatment


Today, Dylan Scott releases the deluxe edition of the album that contains his first #1 hit. In addition to his complete debut project, Dylan Scott Deluxe also adds three new songs.

“My Girl” was, in fact, inspired by Dylan’s girl, and the Louisiana native admits his wife Blair is pretty impressed.

“Ah, she loves it! She tries to play it cool and what not, but she can’t…” he tells ABC Radio. “I remember the first time we were riding down the road and she heard ‘My Girl’ on the radio. I mean, it’s one thing to hear one of my songs on the radio, but when it’s a song about us and her… It was a cool moment for us.”

Since the first verse includes a line about Blair rapping an Eminem song, it begs the question: Does Dylan’s wife have a promising future as a rapper?

“Not at all, trust me,” he laughs. “Not at all! But it still, it’s pretty hot though. It’s hot!”

Dylan says his wife definitely deserves a reward for inspiring the song that put him on the map.

“I’ve been with her longer than I have been writing music… She’s the reason that I am who I am…” he says sweetly. “So yeah man, she deserves a few pair of shoes and maybe a purse and all that good stuff.” 

These days, Blair is more likely to be shopping for baby items, as the pair is expecting a little boy later this year.

You should soon start hearing Dylan’s latest single, “Hooked.” Dylan Scott Deluxe is new in stores and online today.  

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