Why Granger Smith Takes a Bow and Arrow on His Bus

Wheelhouse Records

There’s certainly no shortage of guys in country music who love to head out into the woods and hunt, but Granger Smith just may be the only one who actually takes a bow and arrow out on the road with him. The Texas native says even though there’s no doubt he enjoys what he does, sometimes he just needs a diversion.

“I am desperately searching for things to kinda get my mind off of music sometimes. It’s either music or it’s family and I have two little ones at home. So it’s either I’m with them and I’m 100% when I’m with them or it’s music and I’m 100% with music…” Granger says. “So I thought at some point, I’ve got to take a bow and arrow out on the road in the bus, so that if I have ten minutes, I could shoot that bow a little bit, even if it’s in a city parking lot, and kinda get my mind off of it.”

Granger says taking a break with his bow and arrow actually has a lot in common with the vibe of his first top ten hit, “Backroad Song.”

“It’s a song that I wrote, kinda about the freedom of the open road. Windows down, sun shining, doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or tomorrow. It’s actually a little bit about like when I’m shooting the bow,” he says.

Remington, Granger’s debut album for Wheelhouse Records, is due in stores and online March 4.

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