Why Granger Smith’s Cinderella Song Is a Perfect Fit for the Women in His Life

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Even though Granger Smith’s new single, “If the Boot Fits,” is just now breaking into the top 20, he says it’s been a hit with the ladies in his life for a long time, especially his wife Amber.

“She loves [it]. That’s probably her favorite,” the father of three says. “It’s a love song. I mean, I haven’t really come out with a love…song in a long time.”

When he performs his latest hit, the Texas native says he can’t help but think about his oldest daughter London, thanks to her fascination with a certain fairy-tale figure.

“She’s four years old, loves Cinderella! Very passionate about Disney princesses, especially Cinderella. That was the first movie we watched together when she was two, and it was the only thing that really calmed her down. And she got mesmerized by Cinderella. We used that as a tool. If she needs to wind down, let’s pull up the iPad and we’ll watch this together. And so that whole aspect is kinda intertwined in this song.” 

“If the Boot Fits” is the second single from Granger’s Remington album, which also boasts his number one, “Backroad Song.” Right now, Granger is opening for Luke Bryan on his 8th annual Farm Tour.

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