Why Kelly Clarkson is making Blake Shelton dread the new season of “The Voice”

Frederick Brown/NBC

Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton are longtime pals, but Blake says he’s a little concerned about her joining The Voice as a coach for the show’s next season.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Blake says, “Well, I can tell you that I used to think Miley Cyrus would be the person that talks the most, ever in the history of this show. Now that they brought in Kelly Clarkson… oh, my God. Oh, my God.”

He adds, “Thank God they are at least on different seasons because my ears would fall off my head. There would be no oxygen left in the room. Neither one of them can stop talking.”

Blake also says that he isn’t planning to offer any helpful hints to either Kelly or Jennifer Hudson, who’ll also be joining next season.

“I could give a crap about helping them,” he jokes. “I don’t have any advice. I’m not helping them. I don’t want them to succeed. That’s not what they pay me to do.”

Blake’s girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, is taking a season off of The Voice, but Blake told ET it’s been fun getting to hang out with her all the time. 

“Oh my God, at some point, it kinda builds your ego up when you walk into a room with Gwen,” he admits. “But also it’s a crashing blow to your ego when you realize all the cheers and people shouting at ya. You realize it’s not you, it’s her!…Being in the vicinity of her is unbelievable.”

Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus will both perform on tonight’s The Voice season finale, along with Chris Stapleton and other acts.

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