Why Kelsea Ballerini Has a Grammy Deadline

ABC/Image Group LA

Obviously, next Sunday is very significant for Kelsea Ballerini because she’s nominated for the prestigious all-genre Best New Artist award at the Grammys. But it’s also a day that looms large for another reason: it’s the deadline for the “Peter Pan” hitmaker to turn in her sophomore album.

Kelsea admits she’s been burning the proverbial midnight oil.  “When I hop on the plane to go to the Grammys, it has to be done,” she reveals. “So, I literally have been writing twice a day and doing vocals at night. It’s all I’m doing in my life right now.”

So far, the East Tennessee native has no doubt the follow-up to The First Time will be worth all her hard work.

“I’m so excited about it,” Kelsea says. “I thought that I was attached to my first one, and this one is even more so, just like me in music form. I think it’s gonna be a lot bolder, a lot lighter and a whole lot darker than my first album,” she says of the forthcoming project.

While we don’t know when the new record will be out, we do know that “Yeah Boy” is likely the last release from Kelsea’s debut, with her next single set to come from the new album.

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