Why Kip Moore Is a Little Nervous About Surfing in Australia

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This weekend, Kip Moore kicks off a string of four dates in Australia — and for the avid surfer, it’s a great chance to catch some waves. But Kip admits he does have some reservations about taking up his favorite hobby Down Under.

“You know I’ve got to admit… Australia is — the word on the street is that it’s a little sharky, a little sharkier than most places. That freaks me out a little bit,” he confesses. “But I love to surf. I’m sure I’m going to try to find — I’ve got like five days off, so I’m definitely going to try to find somewhere to go.”

If you wonder exactly which sharks the “Running for You” hitmaker means — he points out he’s talking about the ones from Jaws.

“The big boys hang out in Australia. Your great whites are always lurking around. Whereas there’s definitely attacks and nips and tucks here that are on the East Coast, but it’s your lemon heads,  it’s your different kind of sharks. They’re not great whites attacking you. So I mean that’s a concern. I’ve heard of so many attacks in Australia and South Africa. But I mean it’s not going to keep me from going out there. But it definitely is a thought for sure.” (AUDIO IS ABC 1-ON-1)

Kip plays the Snowy Mountains Country Music Festival this Saturday night, before performing at the CMC Rocks Queensland festival next Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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