Why Parmalee dropped by the post office for tattoos… and an album title

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The town of Parmale, North Carolina — population 278 — may soon have one of the most famous zip codes in the entire country, thanks to four of its favorite sons.

Brothers Matt and Scott Thomas, cousin Barry Knox, and lifelong friend Josh McSwain named their band after their hometown, adding an “e” to make Parmalee easier to pronounce. Now the foursome is borrowing the town’s zip code, 27861, for the title of their sophomore album.

“We’ve been wanting to use this for years,” Josh tells ABC Radio. “Ever since we named the band Parmelee, we just always thought it’d be cool to use the zip code.”

“We got it tattooed on us back in the day,” Matt reveals, “kind of as a commitment to each other to say, ‘We in this for real. Let’s do it!’…but it was always, like, our stamp, I guess, if you would.”

“Until now, though, it was always like a code,” Josh interjects. “Like, we knew what 27861 was, but unless somebody asked, they wouldn’t know. But now, it’s gonna be out there!”  

27861, which features the single “Sunday Morning,” is new in stores and online today.

It’s been close to four years since the band’s debut, Feels Like Carolina, came out, featuring the #1 hit “Carolina,” and the top-ten hits “Close Your Eyes” and “Already Callin’ You Mine.”

Watch for Parmalee next Friday, as they play the All-American Summer Concert Series on Fox & Friends.  

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