Why the Members of LOCASH Don’t Know Each Other as Well as They Thought

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How well do the two members of LOCASH know each other? Pretty well, it seems, but Chris Lucas and Preston Brust put it to the test in the latest installment of Vevo’s online series Bandmates.

“Chris is like the brother I never had,” Preston told Pollstar. “I have an older brother and a younger brother but never had a brother the same age. Chris became that guy. His mom is like my mom, and my mom is like his mom. There has always been a special closeness among the families of LOCASH– even among the band members. We spend holidays together if we can.”

You can find out more about the guys as they try to predict each other’s answers to a series of personal questions, ranging from their favorite restaurant to the number one item on their bucket list. If you’re wondering, a number one for LOCASH tops Chris’s list, while Preston dreams of flying in a fighter jet.   

Chris just might get his wish, as the duo’s latest single, “I Know Somebody,” continues to climb the charts.

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