Why Thomas Rhett’s Wife Lauren is Both Inspiration and Part-Time Producer

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With “Star of the Show” poised to go #1 this week, Thomas Rhett is set to accomplish a rare feat. It’ll be the second song he’s written about his wife Lauren to occupy the top spot, following in the footsteps of “Die a Happy Man.”

“Hey, cross your fingers! It’s at two. We don’t know if it’s going to make it there yet,” says Thomas.

“You know, it’s amazing,” he goes on. “I feel like I write way too many songs about her and at some point I’m going to have to stop putting those songs out, but for now, it’s just a really cool thing. It’s great to hear those songs on the radio and be sitting with her in the car and be like, ‘Hey, that one’s about you!’”

While Lauren isn’t terribly interested in the chart positions of Thomas’s song, he says she is very invested in the recording process.

“I’ve been working with a guy named Dann Huff,” TR says of his producer. “My wife called the other day when we were in the studio and she was like, ‘Make sure Dann doesn’t put any dobro on a certain track,’ and Dann was like, ‘I’ve never had a wife ever call and tell me how to do my job!’ She’s pretty involved in that aspect.”

Thomas Rhett is currently in the studio working on this third album.

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