Why Trisha Yearwood and Brett Eldredge Plan to Cue Up Their Own Albums as They Deck the Halls

Gwendolyn/Pearl Records, Inc.

If you know someone who just can’t get enough Christmas music during the holidays — well, Trisha Yearwood confesses she’s that girl.

“Every Christmas album I have is on shuffle at Christmas time because I love it, and I find those radio stations that just go Christmas you know, the minute, the day after Thanksgiving, and that’s all I play, so I am the perfect consumer for this music,” she tells ABC Radio.

So it’s only appropriate that of all the new yuletide collections this season, Trisha and husband Garth Brooks happen to have the most successful one so far. And when it comes to Christmas Together, Trisha admits she’s breaking one of her own longstanding rules.

“You know, I don’t sit around and listen to Trisha Yearwood records, cause it’s a little embarrassing,” she says. “I love the songs and I love the music or I wouldn’t record it, but then you feel like, ‘Is it a little egotistical to sit around and listen to your own music?’ But for Christmas I feel like it’s OK. It’s like, we recorded a lot of classic songs that really I just can’t wait to play this record at our home for Christmas, because they’re songs that we really love.”

Trisha needn’t worry about listening to her own project, because Brett Eldredge readily volunteers that he’s planning to do exactly the same thing with his new big-band holiday offering, Glow.

“It’s been a dream of mine to make this album for so long,” Brett beams. “It’s so weird that it’s here and now I get to play this album as we’re decorating the Christmas tree. I’ve waited my whole life to play my own Christmas album with my family decorating the tree, so I’m excited!”

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