Why You Wish You Were Spending Thanksgiving with Zac Brown

Danny Clinch/Southern Ground/Varvatos/BMLG

Thanks in part to his Southern Ground Music & Food Festival, lots of folks already know about Zac Brown‘s interest in cooking and his prowess in the kitchen. So as you might expect, the band leader sets the bar pretty high when it comes to a major culinary holiday like Turkey Day.

“Thanksgiving Day we go to my sister’s house every year and it’s unbelievable. Everybody in my family makes two dishes and we bring ’em all. And the spread we have there — everybody in my family can really cook. And the spread we have, I would put it up against, like, the Prince of Persia’s spread. It’s like a royal feast,” he brags.

And two days later, Zac’s ready to do it all again.

“Sunday after Thanksgiving, all our friends come to our house, and we stay up all night the night before and smoke meat and we smoke usually whole ribeyes and inject ’em and rub ’em and smoke ’em all night long and make this amazing prime rib. Everybody’s usually tired of turkey a few days after,” he points out.

For the “Homegrown” hitmaker, his marathon night of preparation is well worth it.

“There’s so many kids and so many people that support what we do and just the friends– family by choice– that come on those days. That’s one of my favorite days of the year. And there are so many kids now that really– Have you ever looked at an aquarium and there’s just fish, like schools of ’em swimming everywhere, crossing paths?” he says, making a comparison. “That’s literally what our house is like– an aquarium of people and life and dogs and kids!”

The Zac Brown Band will have a few days to recover from their marathon Thanksgiving meals before they hit the road again. Their Jekyll + Hyde Tour picks back up December 10 in Louisville, Kentucky.

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