William Michael Morgan Puts Traditional Twist on Sam Hunt’s “I Met a Girl”

Warner Music Nashville

Before Sam Hunt had his breakout success as a solo artist, he wrote chart-topping hits like “Come Over” for Kenny Chesney and “We Are Tonight” for Billy Currington. Now, he may’ve done it again for new Warner Brothers artist William Michael Morgan. Sam co-wrote his debut single “I Met a Girl.”

“You know, we just fell in love with that song immediately when Sam’s publishing company sent that to us. With the lyrics, the melody, the way it all painted that picture, you know. It doesn’t have to have all those lights and smoke for you to get the picture. You know, I really think it says something that’s missing in today’s country music as far as holding the girls up on high and putting them on that pedestal that they deserve to be on, you know. Maddie & Tae, I think personally they hit it right on the head when they said, Conway [Twitty] and George Strait wouldn’t have done it this way,” William Michael says, referring to the duo’s hit “Girl in a Country Song.”

“I Met a Girl” originally appeared on Sam’s Between the Pines:  Acoustic Mixtape album of demos. Even though William Michael is more of a traditionalist while Sam tends to be more progressive, the newcomer says he’s still a major admirer of his talent.

“I’m a big fan of the way he paints pictures when he writes and I’m a big fan of what he’s doing. You know, it’s so different than everything going on today, and… I’m a big fan of originality and he’s doing it,” he says. 

William Michael recently shot the video for “I Met a Girl” just outside Nashville in Ashland City, Tennessee. You can check it out on YouTube.

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