With a Breakthrough Hit and Two New Baby Girls, the Guys in LOCASH Say the Stars Have Lined Up

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With the arrival of Chris Lucas‘ little one Remi McKenna this week,  both members of LOCASH now have new baby girls. Musical partner Preston Brust recalls when his daughter, Love Lily, made her entrance back in January.

“It’s been wild because it was our push week for number one when we were pushing ‘I Love This Life’,” he says, mentioning their breakthrough hit.

“And pushing a baby out,” Chris interjects.

“But it was kinda cool too because it put life in perspective for me,” Preston reflects, “because we were going for the ultimate goal in music and — Here it is! And here comes a baby! It’s like ‘Whoa! That’s what this is really all about.’ It was really cool to see that baby take her first breath right in front of me.”

Chris agrees that the combination of long-awaited professional success, along with his family flourishing, has made this one of the best times of his life.

“When they say timing and stars lined up, and you dream about that, and you really don’t know what that means — now I do! The timing is right, you know, financially for us, and in our career,” he says. “It is one of the busiest times for us, but we both have great wives, which we would be nothing without them. They have to deal with our butts, because we’re always on the road! Which, I think they like that,” he adds.

“Yeah I think so,” Preston agrees.

“‘Cause once I’m home three days, my wife’s like, ‘Seriously, are you going out soon?'” Chris jokes

You might think the two members of LOCASH got together and planned that this was the right time in their career to expand their families, but Chris says that’s not the case. In fact, he and his wife thought their family was complete once they have their five-year-old little boy Caden.

“It was a surprise for both of us. He told me a couple weeks before that he was pregnant, and I was like, ‘Man I’m so proud of you. Dude it’s gonna change your life!’ And my wife was told she couldn’t have any more kids. The next thing you know, I told Preston. I was like ‘There might be something in our wine, because my wife is pregnant,'” he laughs.

“Keep drinking it or don’t drink it at all. One way or the other!” Preston joins in, referencing their Shipwrecked vintage that’s made in Lodi, California.  

When Chris and Preston are busy being devoted daddies these days, they’re promoting their latest single, “I Know Somebody.” They’re set to play Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.

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