Writing comedy in a world where “news changes every 15 seconds”: What to expect from Brad & Carrie at the CMA Awards


Tonight in Nashville, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood host the CMA Awards for the tenth time.

And after a decade, the two say they know what the audience wants.

“We do have other writers on the show,” Brad tells ABC Radio, “but you’d be really surprised at the amount of… material… that Carrie and I come up with.”

Brad even believes Carrie has a better sense than he does of what’s funny.

“It’s really painfully obvious to me that you know me better than I do,” he tells her, “as far as what I should be doing. And we lean on Carrie a lot. Like, she had a great idea yesterday — I’m not gonna say what it is yet– where she’s like, ‘You know what I like? I like when you do this.’” 

The pair admit social media has made hosting harder, particularly when it comes to the popular parody they do every year.

“We’re working on it,” Brad says. “The issue this year is, the news changes every 15 seconds…”

“It’s hard to get things that are relevant that we can kinda plan for,” Carrie continues. “You know, something that everybody’s talking about today, they may not be talking about in a week… You know, so it’s kind of trying to find that balance of things that people will still find funny, even in a week.”

Don’t expect Brad and Carrie to get political — unless it’s funny, that is.

“We’ve always said that we want to make fun of things that are funny…” Carrie explains. “It’s not about any political party or any person or any anything. It’s just about making fun of things that are funny. And we are equal…”

“Equal opportunity when it comes to offense,” Brad chimes in.

“Exactly. Equal opportunity offenders!” Carrie agrees. 

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