“You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me”: Even Brett Young can’t catch a break on Valentine’s Day


With male-model good looks and a stable of romantic songs like “Sleep Without You” and “In Case You Didn’t Know,” Brett Young is someone you’d expect to be a poster boy for a romantic holiday like February 14.

But the newcomer, who just released his self-titled debut album, says that’s simply not the case.

“I have not had a Valentine’s Day in my life that is worth remembering to this point,” he admits. “Even in relationships that I’ve been in for years that spanned Valentine’s Day, something would always happen, like there would be an argument on Valentine’s Day, or we couldn’t be together on Valentine’s Day, or we were broken up for a minute and that was during Valentine’s Day.”

Overall, Brett believes there’s too much pressure associated with what’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year.

“I think Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays like New Year’s where people develop such high expectations that even if it’s a decent day, it doesn’t live up and it’s disappointing,” he says.

“You know I have a song about having a New Year’s that went like that,” Brett adds, referring to the track “You Ain’t Here to Kiss Me” from his new record. “Ever since then, I’ve decided that, let’s not put expectations or any pressure on it. So I’ve never had a notable one, and you know, I would love to. But no, I don’t have any grand gestures or ideas for that.”

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