You Keep Me Hangin’ On: Dierks Bentley Delivers Few Answers in Final Short Film

Capitol Nashville

The fourth and final video from Dierks Bentley’s series of short films set to songs from his album Black raises more questions than it answers. When we last left the lover’s triangle at the center of the storyline, the cheating girlfriend had run away with her lover, leaving her live-in boyfriend apparently dead in their home. In the latest installment, the remaining two flee to a hotel room — but it’s not clear if their union will survive.

“The final episode of the series actually ends with some questions still to be answered, which is kind of what relationships do… it feels like they are always twisting and turning, and it is really all up for your own interpretation,” Dierks offers. “The album was built around the song ‘Black’… it’s the first song in the album sequence and those three and a half minutes set the rest of the story in motion. It’s really bare and also one of the most intense songs I’ve ever written.”

You be able to hear the rest of the story when Black is released May 27. You can check out the short film set to the title track on YouTube now.

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