Zac Brown Band Avoids Boredom by Incorporating Many Different Musical Styles

Danny Clinch

When you go to a Zac Brown Band concert, you’re just as likely to hear Van Morrison‘s “Into the Mystic” or Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as you are their signature hit, “Chicken Fried.” On their latest album, Jekyll + Hyde, the band even incorporated some dance and heavy rock sounds into their music. Having eight band members with diverse musical backgrounds helps Zac Brown Band cover so many different genres.

Lead singer Zac Brown says, “We’ve had enough immersion in a lot of different styles of music, and we studied it, so we’ve learned, actually, music from a lot of different places.”

Changing things up and challenging themselves keeps Zac Brown Band from getting stagnant, creatively speaking.

“If you’re going to be safe and play the same role and the same thing every single time, that doesn’t really move the needle,” Zac says. “It’s exciting to get to push the boundaries and to get to try to not be predictable.”

Zac’s concert crowds benefit from the band’s restless spirit, too.

He adds, “People show up and have no idea what they’re going to see, but we try to do it all with integrity and musicianship.”

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