Zac Brown Gives an Update on His Baby Boy, Alexander Frost, A.K.A. “The Squishy Giant”

Southern Ground/Varvatos/Big Machine

Zac Brown Band frontman Zac Brown is having a blast raising his four daughters and his one-year-old son, Alexander Frost. The little boy was born weighing more than 11 pounds, and he already weighs more than Zac’s four-year-old daughter. After having four girls, Zac notices a lot of differences when it comes to raising a boy.

“It’s funny to him when he slams things or throws things,” Zac observes. “You can definitely tell he’s all boy, but the girls just, like, swallow him up, man. They love him. He’s awesome. The little, squishy giant. He’s happy and healthy and awesome.”

Zac goes on to call his family his best friends and credits them with keeping him balanced while playing for arenas full of fans on the road.

Says Zac, “You gotta be at home and be dad, and then you gotta be on the road chasing the songs down. So, we’re blessed.”

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