Zac Brown Wouldn’t Be Surprised to Hear a Club DJ Spinning His Hit “Beautiful Drug”


When it comes to his latest hit, Zac Brown admits he colored outside the lines a bit– even saying he believes “Beautiful Drug” would be right at home being spun by a DJ in a a dance club. At the same time, he still feels like it fits in the ever-expanding palette of modern country music.

”People are ready for diversity. It doesn’t mean that we want to abandon any of the great songwritings and the stories that are in country music, but it definitely allows more of a freedom,” he says. “The lines are kind of blurred on what it purely is. And to me, if a song is solid and a performance is solid and it makes people feel good and makes people feel something, then it has a home and has a place.”

Zac also believes a progressive song like “Beautiful Drug” can be a gateway to introduce new fans to the genre.

“I think this song might pull people toward country music if they like this song and would never listen to country music normally. And I think that’s one of our strengths, is helping to bring people of all different ages and all different tastes together and try to be common ground. One of the greatest compliments people give me is they can bring– there’s grandparents that bring their grandchildren to the show and they both have something they can truly share in together.”

Zac Brown Band continues bringing the generations together later this year, as they launch their Black Out the Sun Tour on May 19 in Hartford, Connecticut. Newcomers Drake White & the Big Fire will open.

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