1-1-1 Vote Means No Garfield County Endorsement for State Sales Tax Hike

Glenwood Springs—A ballot question that would raise Colorado’s sales tax from 2.9% to just over 3.5% to pay for transportation projects will not get an endorsement from the Garfield County Board of Commissioners.  Commissioner Mike Samson talked about the merits of Proposition 110 and what it would mean for road improvements.  He says if it is passed, the county’s road and bridge department would have an extra 2.8 million dollars to work with every year. Samson says the additional funds will ensure Colorado’s deteriorating roads will be taken care of properly.  Commissioner Tom Jankovsky is reluctant to endorse the plan as en elected official but he says he understands C-DOT’s budget shortfalls and will personally support 110 at the polls.  Commission Chairman John Martin says he won’t support a tax hike.  He says a good portion of the money raised will first go to pay off millions of dollars in debt.  The measure would authorize six billion dollars in bonds to fund transportation projects.  The sales tax would sunset in 2039.