Abandoned Puppies Left to Die Near Rifle

Rifle—Nine newborn puppies with closed eyes and dried umbilical cords still attached, were found abandoned recently near Rifle.  Seven of them died.  The two surviving pups are being nursed back to health by a local veterinarian.  According to reports from the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, a couple camping in the area around County Road 244, discovered the puppies in an open trash bag.  Two of them had already died from exposure to the cold. Deputies are now looking for whoever left the puppies to die. Abandonment of any animal whether it lives or not, is a Class 1 Misdemeanor with a minimum fine of 500 dollars per animal.  The two surviving pups will eventually be placed in foster care and put up for adoption.  Authorities are asking anyone with information about this crime to call the Garfield County Dispatch Center at 625-8095.