Air Force Reserve Training at the Garfield County Airport

Military aircraft will be flying in and out of the Rifle Garfield county airport starting this Sunday. About 50 ground crew will spend four days at the airport for special Air Force Reserve training.  Airport manager Brian Condie says the training will be on the ground and they’ll be using a concrete ramp. “It’s not really a flying event. It’s a ground training event at a remote location for their crews. This event is not open to the public… I mean the public can come out but they might be in class for four hours… people could come out and not seeing anything for four or five hours.”

Condie says the Air Force plans to bring in some special equipment for the training. “…helicopters, transport aircraft, fighter aircraft. And while we have those currently visit the airport, we don’t have them for four days in a row, so people might start asking questions.”

The Air Force Reserve training is scheduled to run from Sunday, September 12 through Wednesday, September 15th.