Air Quality Commission Considers Plan to Ban Gas-Powered Equipment

Gas-powered lawn equipment will one day be a thing of the past in Colorado. Today, the eight-member Air Quality Control Commission will consider two plans to ban the sale of new gas-powered equipment like chain saws and leaf blowers. Right now the focus of the ban is on the Front Range in an effort to control air pollution. Environmental groups are pushing for more stringent regulations, especially in a nine county region stretching from Douglas County in the south to Weld and Larimer counties in the north. According to a report from the Colorado Public Interest Research Group, gas-powered lawn equipment generated over 670 tons of particulate matter in 2020. That’s equivalent to the amount produced by seven million cars. Officials say they don’t plan to go door-to-door seizing personal equipment from home. The main focus will be on landscaping companies and government crews around the state.