All Things Tomato Supports Literacy Outreach’s Learning English Through Cooking Classes

Do you love tomatoes? Are you trying to figure out different ways to put up this wonderful fruit to enjoy during the winter.  Please come and join us in welcoming the CSU Master Food Safety Advisors as they teach us how to make and preserve homemade spaghetti sauce, tomato jelly, salsa.  We will learn 5 different techniques to put tomatoes up for your enjoyment.  Learn to use a pressure canner, water bath canner, and dehydrator.  Be sure to check out the “new toys” that are out this year and hear reviews from the Master Food Safety Advisors.  Class will be held at the First United Methodist Church on August 16 and starts at 9 am and conclude at 3 pm.  We will be enjoying a spaghetti lunch.

To register, call Literacy Outreach at 970-945-5282.  Cost is $55 with lunch included. All proceeds benefit Literacy Outreach’s” Learning English through Cooking” classes.  These classes are being co-sponsored by CSU Extension and the Master Food Safety program.