Aspen/Pitkin County Airport Will be Closed for Airfield Maintenance in May

The Aspen/Pitkin County Airport will be closed from May 10th through May 24th, for airfield pavement maintenance, which is part of the facility’s Federal Grant Assurance obligations.

The work will focus on the taxiway and de-ice pad and is being done during a two-week offseason period to avoid impacts during the busy summer months. The airport originally had anticipated avoiding a closure because the designs for the repairs divided the work into four phases and mostly happened at night during the airport’s curfew hours. However, a local ordinance prevents the acquisition of pavement materials after 10 PM, so such night work was not possible. The airport also considered keeping the airport open during the repairs, which would have required a phased construction approach spanning two months. However, performing all work during operational hours would have required aircraft to use portions of the runway as a taxiway, significantly reducing the facility’s operational capacity, and resulting in the potential for significant flight delays and cancellations during this period.

It was determined the best course of action was the spring closure to avoid major impacts in the summer months and ensure the airport is operational over Memorial Day weekend, the Fourth of July, and when other summer events are held.

This facility closure will allow for the completion of other projects, including the installation of a new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) navigational aid, which will replace an older, less reliable and less energy efficient unit, and also provide an opportunity to replace worn runway markings.