Basalt Apartment Evacuation Order

UPDATE 10/2/18 6:00 PM: The Basalt Library will close at 7:00 tonight. Residents who need a place to stay will be able to stay in the auxiliary gym at  Basalt High School until 7:00 AM. Pets are not allowed in the high school, but are being accepted at the Aspen Animal Shelter until 8:00 tonight (address below). Starting tomorrow at 7:00 AM, evacuees can get more information at Basalt Town Hall.

UPDATE 10/2/18 4:00 PM: The Basalt Fire Department says a water line break is the reason for the evacuation at the Roaring Fork Apartments. While the building is considered uninhabitable, officials are escorting resident into apartments for prescriptions and for pets that were left behind. Residents are required to check in at the Basalt Library before the fire department will escort them to their apartment.

The fire department says the apartment building has 57 units, housing 77 people. Reportedly first floor units received major water damage, with likely no water damage to other floors.

The Aspen Animal Shelter is accepting pets of displaced residents at 101 Animal Shelter Road until 8:00 this evening.

1:30 PM Pitkin County authorities say the Roaring Fork Apartments at 111 Emma Road are being evacuated due to what’s being called a “utility emergency.”

Residents received the first notice to evacuate shortly after noon today. Evacuated residents are being directed to the Basalt Regional Library. Officials had no other information this afternoon, other than to say the building is “uninhabitable.”

The Red Cross is reportedly responding to help evacuated residents.