On January 9, 2014, a citizen of Garfield County received a call from a person claiming to be a Deputy with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office. He further explained that if she did not pay some money that he claimed she owed there would be a warrant out for her arrest within the hour. The unfortunate twist to this is that somehow the caller was able to make the caller id on the Citizen’s phone show up and reflect the number at the Sheriff’s Office. When the caller dialed the number she was connected to Central Dispatch. This added an air of legitimacy to the phone call. Fortunately the citizen was also connected to Patrol Sergeant Torres. Sergeant Torres met with the lady and let her know that no Deputy from The Sheriff’s Office had called her despite what her caller id might indicate.
No law enforcement officer will contact a citizen telling them to pay an amount immediately or an arrest warrant will be issued. The hope of the scammer is that through this intimidation you will immediately pay the amount, possibly through a wire transfer or by divulging some personal information, such as a credit card number. This could then lead to a host of other problems.
Do not be taken in by this scam. If you truly think someone is contacting you from the Sheriff’s Office or any other legitimate law enforcement office or department, take the time to call that office back and verify the story by speaking with a Deputy or Officer.
Remember law enforcement is here to help you the citizen and to stop the criminal or scam artist, but we need your help. Be careful and be smart, don’t fall victim to this or any other scam.