Blagg Murder Trial

Golden— (AP) – A former FBI agent believes Jennifer Blagg wasn’t killed by her husband Michael, but by a child predator targeting her 6-year-old daughter Abby. John Larsen testified in the second murder trial of Michael Blagg, who is accused of killing his wife Jennifer in 2001. Michael Blagg says he came home from work in November 2001 and found a blood-soaked mattress in the couple’s bedroom and both his wife and daughter Abby missing. Jennifer Blagg’s body was later found in a landfill but Abby has never been found. Larsen said the suspect moved Jennifer Blagg’s body to focus suspicion on Michael Blagg. Had it remained at the home, the investigation’s focus would have shifted to Abby. Blagg’s 2004 murder conviction was overturned because a juror concealed her experience with domestic violence.

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