Carbon Monoxide in Garages

January 6, 2014
Carbondale, CO – The Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District would like to
remind you of the danger associated with warming up your car in a garage and
carbon monoxide poisoning.
Carbon monoxide, or CO, is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause sudden
sickness, coma or death when it gathers in enclosed spaces. It is often called “the
silent killer,” because can delete the bloodstream of oxygen in both humans and
One carbon monoxide safety tip is to never warm up a vehicle in a garage, even
with the garage door open. The CO concentration can quickly rise to lethal levels.
Also in an attached garage, the carbon monoxide may spread to the house.
Warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, nausea, vomiting,
dizziness, drowsiness, and confusion, but no fever. If you think you are
experiencing any of the symptoms of CO poisoning, get outside to fresh air
immediately. Leave the home and call 911 to report your symptoms from a
neighbor’s home.
For more information on carbon monoxide poisoning go to or

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