CARBONDALE FIRE Response to Fire ALARM at the carbondale library

At 5:54 p.m. on Saturday, March 15, 2014, Carbondale & Rural Fire Protection District responded to the Carbondale Library at 320 Sopris Ave, for a report of a fire alarm. Upon arrival, the firefighters could hear the fire alarm going off inside the building and see water flowing out from under a bathroom door.

A small fire was found in a bathroom, which had been extinguished by the sprinkler system. The fire was isolated to a single bathroom.  Firefighters on scene were able to stop the water flow and reported little to no damage to library materials. They also cleaned up the water that had flowed from the sprinkler system.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.  No loss amount has been determined at this time.  There were no firefighter or civilian injuries.

Carbondale Fire Captain Jake Spaulding said, “The Carbondale firefighters did great job preventing further water damage in the Carbondale Library and making sure there was no fire extension.”

The Carbondale Police Department also responded to this fire and are helping with the investigation.

For more information regarding this incident, please contact Carbondale Fire Chief Ron Leach at 970-963-2491 or .