Carbondale—The man who was seriously injured after plowing into an empty cattle truck early Monday morning near Roaring Fork High School is now suspected of murdering his wife.  Carbondale Police Chief Gene Schilling says they were called to assist the Colorado State Patrol just after 7-am when a Toyota 4-Runner rear-ended the truck on Highway 133 between the high school and Crystal River Baptist Church.  Schilling says while being flown from Valley View Hospital to Saint Mary’s in Grand Junction, the man confessed to the flight crew that he killed his wife in a Carbondale apartment building.  The crew then notified local authorities and the homicide investigation began with help of other agencies including the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  Officers knocked on several doors before coming to an apartment of a woman who refused to let them in to search the place.  She did agree to look around herself and returned to tell police she found a dead body.  Chief Schilling says it appears the victim had been stabbed to death.   Neither the name of the victim or the suspect have been released yet.  The last murder in Carbondale was in April 2003.