Casa Bonita Might be Bought by “South Park” Creators

Restaurants across the country have of course faced unprecedented hardships over the last year and a half during the COVID-19 pandemic, and sadly, many have not survived. However, the restaurant that is arguably the most iconic one in the entire state, may have been thrown a lifeline from a surprising but somewhat logical source.

Casa Bonita, the landmark Mexican restaurant on the west side of Denver that has for decades featured roving mariachi bands, cliff divers, employees in gorilla suits, and unlimited sopapillas, has been closed for food service since last spring and declared bankruptcy earlier this year. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of “South Park” told The Hollywood Reporter that they are “absolutely” trying to buy Casa Bonita during an online interview that was posted Wednesday. The current owners of the restaurant, Summit Restaurant Group, have not issued a statement regarding Casa Bonita’s future, or whether that future may involve the South Park duo.

In the interview, Parker said that, if he and Stone do eventually become the new owners, he wants to find a way to make Black Bart’s Cave, a miniature, pirate-themed version of a haunted house, at least a little bit bigger. A 2003 episode of “South Park” was entirely focused on Casa Bonita, so it’s perhaps a natural fit for the pair to become the restaurant’s next leaders.

Although there has been no official word on whether the sale to Parker and Stone will actually be happening, Governor Jared Polis weighed in on the report on Facebook by simply saying “YES!!!!”.

Parker also said that the pair want to make one other significant change that will probably be a hit with fans – the food.