Colorado Delegates Walk Out of RNC in Protest

Several of Colorado’s delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland were on the front lines of one of Day One’s most dramatic moments when they walked off the convention floor in protest after party leaders prevented their attempt to oust Donald Trump as the party’s presidential nominee.
The group of delegates, led by Senator Mike Lee of Utah and former Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli, tried to force a roll-call vote on the convention rules in an effort to unbind delegates from the controversial Republican frontrunner. Delegates shouted from the floor, trying to force party officials to hold the state-by-state vote, but convention leaders opted for a voice vote instead and quickly shut down the attempted rebellion. Cuccinelli threw his credentials to the floor and walked out, followed by others in the ‘Never Trump’ group.
If the roll-call effort had succeeded, it could have delayed the proceedings for several hours on the convention’s opening night. Trump is widely expected to receive the party’s official nomination later today.