Colorado June Unemployment

DENVER (AP) – Colorado labor officials say the state jobless rate has fallen for a fourth straight month, but this time it’s because there’s fewer people in the workforce rather than higher employment.

The Department of Labor and Employment said Friday that the seasonally adjusted jobless rate was 8.5 percent in June, down from 8.7 percent in May and 8.8 percent in June 2010, based on household survey results.

Labor officials say employers added 4,500 nonfarm payroll jobs from May to June. In that time, the labor force fell by about 10,500 people, and there were about 5,800 fewer Coloradans with jobs, causing the unemployment rate to drop.

About 2.45 million Coloradans are employed, and about 228,400 are looking for work.

The national unemployment rate was 9.2 percent in June.