COVID-19 Outbreaks Confirmed in Two Garfield County Congregations

Two separate outbreaks of COVID-19 have been confirmed within faith-based groups in Garfield County. According to a press release from Garfield County Public Health, 14 members of a local church tested positive for COVID-19 while 6 more members are exhibiting symptoms and awaiting positive test results. Public health officials believe the spread at the church occurred before the statewide mask order went into effect. One member of the church was reportedly experiencing symptoms as long ago as July 2, but was not tested until July 21.

A second church is experiencing a similar outbreak. A contact tracing investigation is currently underway at both churches.

Public Health Officials say they encourage everyone to practice social distancing, and wear masks, especially where social distancing is not possible. They also say, if you’re sick, isolate yourself from other members of your household and stay home to help prevent spreading your illness to others.